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I am a composer, vocalist, singing teacher, voice-over artist and author based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who uses words and music to inspire and enlighten through a multitude of media such as film, television, theatre and literature.

Through Swimming Tigress Music, I have been providing music and voice over services since 2000. 

Click on the Music link if you are looking for a composer for your next project or sheet music for a variety of instruments including my song collections, Bad Moods and Seven Other Super Reasons to Sing A Silly Song, Dreams, Magic and Other Realities, and the new Brain Freezes and Seven More Super Reasons To Sing A Silly Song

Click on Voice Talent if you are looking for a voice to sell your product, narrate your documentary or add that unique charm to your animated character.  

Through Swimming Tigress Press (formerly Notalotabull Press), I release literature for all ages that will entertain and uplift.

Click on the Words link to learn about my inspirational compilation, A Candle At Both Ends, and my children's e-book, Tabitha's Magical Voice. news


Brain Freezes And Seven Other SuperReasons To Sing A Silly Song

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